Custom Research

New Agro Research offers customized research on your product. Your sample can be tested for many ingredients, but you decide which information is of interest to you. It’s possible to simply determine the concentrations of one or two ingredients, but you can also choose to have tests done for a whole spectrum of ingredients. If you are unsure about the origin of your product it may also be interesting to have the levels of pesticides, heavy metals and residues of solvents tested in your sample.


Profiling of active ingredients

When you want to use a plant of herb therapeutically then obviously it should contain ingredients that work against your condition. Which ingredients it must contain is dependent on the nature of your condition. For most plant and hebal products we can test a wide range of ingredients, but we can also test for the presence of only one or two of these ingredients that are of interest to you. Please contact us so we can confirm that we can actually test for the ingredients that you need information on.

We use HPLC-MS to profile active ingredients in you sample.

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Profiling of heavy metals

Unfortunately, we can’t currently test your sample for heavy metals. We hope to have this service available again in the future.



Profiling of pesticides

We can test your sample on the presence of several pesticides, including insecticides, larvicides, fungicides and herbicides.


We use GC-MS-MS and LC-MS-MS to analyze your sample on pesticides.

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Profiling of solvents

Solvents such as benzene, isopropyl, butane and hexane are used to produce extracts from plant products. New Agro Research can detect residues of these solvents in your sample, even in very small quantities.


We use GC-MS-MS to test your sample for solvents.

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Your customized analysis

Please contact us for a fully customized analysis on your sample.